Cookermore - Specialize-in gas stove, gas water heater, induction cooker and range hood in China since 1991.


We have Color Stainless Steel ,Stainless Steel and Powder Coating housing of our Range Hood.

  • Color Stainless Steel
    Color Stainless Steel
  • Stainless Steel
    Stainless Steel
  • Powder Coating
    Powder Coating

Range Hood Style:Curved Glass,Slide Hood,T-BOX,Slim and Telescope Hood Width:60/70/90cm

  • Slide Hood
    Slide Hood
  • Slim
  • Curved Glass
    Curved Glass
  • T-Box
  • Telescope Hood
    Telescope Hood
  • M01-Push button
    M01-Push button
  • M01-Push button
    M01-Push button
  • M03-Push button
    M03-Push button
  • M04-Push button
    M04-Push button
  • E02-Electronic Switch
    E02-Electronic Switch
  • E04-Electronic Switch
    E04-Electronic Switch
  • T02-Touch Switch
    T02-Touch Switch
  • T10-Touch Switch
    T10-Touch Switch
  • T12-Touch Switch
    T12-Touch Switch
  • T13-Touch Switch
    T13-Touch Switch
  • T14-Touch Switch
    T14-Touch Switch
  • T21-Touch Switch
    T21-Touch Switch
  • T22-Touch Switch
    T22-Touch Switch
  • T37-Touch Switch
    T37-Touch Switch
  • T39-Touch Switch
    T39-Touch Switch
  • T41-Touch Switch
    T41-Touch Switch
  • T42-Touch Switch
    T42-Touch Switch
  • L09-Led Light 1.5 Watt
    L09-Led Light 1.5 Watt
  • L02-Led Light 1.5 Watt
    L02-Led Light 1.5 Watt
  • L07-Led Light 1.5 Watt
    L07-Led Light 1.5 Watt
  • L08-Led Light 2 Watt
    L08-Led Light 2 Watt
  • L10-Led Light 2 Watt
    L10-Led Light 2 Watt
  • L14-Led Light 2 Watt
    L14-Led Light 2 Watt

Different styles with different opening and closing design.easy opening and closing of smoke screen to ecperience smoking speed and passion

  • Charcoal Sponge
    Charcoal Sponge
  • Round Carbon Filter For K
    Round Carbon Filter For K
  • Round Carbon Filter For S
    Round Carbon Filter For S
  • Square Carbon Filter
    Square Carbon Filter
  • Aluminum With Ss Locker
    Aluminum With Ss Locker
  • Aluminum Filter
    Aluminum Filter
  • Baffle Filter
    Baffle Filter
  • Metal Filter
    Metal Filter
  • Square Wall Cap
    Square Wall Cap
  • Square Wall Cap
    Square Wall Cap
  • Ss Wall Cap
    Ss Wall Cap
  • Plastic Wall Cap
    Plastic Wall Cap
  • Plastic Air Duct
    Plastic Air Duct
  • Aluminum Pipe
    Aluminum Pipe
  • Plastic Pipe
    Plastic Pipe
  • Aluminum-Pipe
  • Plastic Adaptor
    Plastic Adaptor
  • Stainless Steel Chimney
    Stainless Steel Chimney
  • Powder Coatting Chimney
    Powder Coatting Chimney
  • Titanium Steel Chimney
    Titanium Steel Chimney
  • Round Air Outlet
    Round Air Outlet
  • Square Air Outlet
    Square Air Outlet
  • Metal Outlet
    Metal Outlet
  • Wall Bracket
    Wall Bracket
  • Oil Cup
    Oil Cup
  • Oil Cup
    Oil Cup
  • Oil Cup
    Oil Cup
  • Remote Control
    Remote Control

Silkscreen printing, hot stamping and Laser engraving.

  • Product Selection
    Product Selection
    Determine customer's need by meeting,email or telephone.According to the customer's need,we recommend some range hood for customers' option.
  • Sample Preparing
    Sample Preparing
    After confirmed the quotation and selected items,we will start to prepare the sample for customer's testing,if needed.
  • Sample Improvement Feedback
    Sample Improvement Feedback
    We set up a project team to provide solution for customer when receiving sample improvement feedback from customer after sample test.
  • Sample Modification
    Sample Modification
    Sample is modified point by point by us till it is approved by customer.
  • Testing Before Sample Shipping Out
    Testing Before Sample Shipping Out
    When sample is ready,QA do application check, Assembly check,Hi-pot test,Input power consumption check,Appearance checking ,Noise test,Rotation speed test,Stability check,Leakage current test,, to make sure the Range hood is qualified before shipping out.
  • Finalizing Orders
    Finalizing Orders
    Customer finalized order after improved sample test is positive.
  • Order Organization Meeting
    Order Organization Meeting
    We have a meeting with all relative departments to discuss organize orders.
  • An Examination
    An Examination
    When materials are delivered to our factory,our IQC staff do strict inspection to every material.
  • Before Mass Production
    Before Mass Production
    We make pre-production sample or shipmnt samle which is approved by customer.
  • First QC In Production
    First QC In Production
    During inspection,QC staff inspects not only range hood quality but also artwork like rating label,and warning balel.
  • Quality Improvement
    Quality Improvement
    Every defective spare parts is improved.
  • Final QC
    Final QC
    All range hood are 100% examined in Final QC
  • In Production
    In Production
    We manufacturing product after sample improvement
  • Packing
    After range hood examination passes,we start to pack it in gift box.
  • Goods In Warehouse
    Goods In Warehouse
    Goods is stored in warehouse in good order and waits for shipment after package.
  • Loading In Container
    Loading In Container
    Goods is loaded in container after shipment release.

The first thing we do is meeting with our clients and talk through their goals on a future project.
During this meeting, feel free to communicate your ideas and ask lots of questions.


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